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We design, install and maintain gardens and landscapes of all sizes for residential and commercial properties. Through our designs, we aim to increase the sustainability, biodiversity and beauty of each and every property. We use only the highest quality plants sourced from local nurseries as well as indigenous, organic landscape materials. We have a particular interest in utilizing and conserving native plant communities of New England but we appreciate the diversity, functions, and visual interest that non-native species can provide where appropriate. We are very careful to incorporate only those plants that have proven to be non-invasive in this region. We use only natural stones in our hardscape designs.




Services include:

  • Site assessments and garden consultations

  • Designing gardens and small landscapes

  • Permaculture Design

  • Designing seasonal container plantings

  • Designing and installing pollinator gardens

  • Renovating and restoring gardens and hardscapes

  • Complete plant installations including annuals perennials, trees, and shrubs

  • Ecological and habitat restoration

  • Continued maintenance of landscapes, gardens and containers.

Larkspur Design is fully insured.

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