Cunningham Pond Residence

Peterborough, nh

The gardens surrounding this lakeside house in Peterborough, New Hampshire evolved over several years and are the result of a collaborative effort between the homeowners and Seana. The homeowners are very artistic, hands-on people and so were very involved with designing and implementing their landscape.

Vibrant perennial and vegetable gardens now thrive where there once was a nondescript lawn with poor drainage and exposed ledge.

The front yard is a steep slope that leads down to the shore of Cunningham Pond. There used to be a lot of exposed ledge that was difficult to navigate and impossible to plant on. A series of retaining walls add dimension to the hill and provide space for new planting beds, while framing the house and walkway in a satisfying way. Native ferns and groundcovers provide color and texture throughout the year.

Hardscaping designed and installed by Ron Higgins of Ron Higgins Stone and Earthworks.